The morning offerings at the NYC restaurant Jacks Wife Freda arent exactly your standard waffles and pancakes. Instead, the menu ranges from a grapefruit-yogurt combo garnished with mint and honey to poached eggs with grilled tomato and halloumi, a firm white cheese common in Greek cuisine. And then, theres the shakshuka.

You might be familiar with the baked-eggs-in-tomato-sauce dish thats of Tunisian origin. Varieties abound it can be jazzed up with chorizo and bread crumbs; even cooked just for one, in a mug but the interpretation at Jacks Wife Freda (featured in their new cookbook Jacks Wife Freda) brings a surprising new spin to the dishs classic red sauce.

Swapping in tomatillos for tomatoes, the shakshuka gets a fresh zestiness from the green fruit (yes, like tomatoes, tomatillos are technically fruit) thats utterly deliciousespecially when combined with rich egg yolks and finished with gentle spice, thanks to a jalapeo chili, plus ground coriander and cumin. Serve it with some toasted challah or French brioche on the side and youve got an amazing brunch thats so tasty, itll leave your breakfast guests wanting more, just as it does long lines of New Yorkers.

Get the recipe: Green Shakshuka

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