Shift Shop Review – Great Results In 3 Weeks?

The Coach Chris Downing is bringing down the house with the all new program Shift Shop that will get you the max results in only 3 weeks. He is Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer.

No matter where you are in your fitness level Coach Downing will get you to where you need to be. This is an agility and strength training workout that is sure to get you motivated and transform your body into something you want.

The Shift Shop Overview:

This new Beachbody workout program is well orchestrated to get you on the fast track to both weight loss and fitness.


Schedule: Entire Program is only 3 weeks long

Length: The workout routines range from 25-45 minutes long

Variety: New Workouts each and every week

Nutrition: Full nutritional guide included

Anybody: Designed to help anybody of any fitness level get into shape

Modification: Due to this there are of course modifiers so you can use


Quantity: 6 days a week to workout with one day rest. Some may see as positive others negative

Workouts: Since there are new workouts every week some may get annoyed learning new workouts every week. Along with this the length of the workouts also increase as you get more fit.

Diet: Diet does change every week as well since you are going to be progressing and changing your body.

It Will only take you 3 weeks. Anybody should be able to stay dedicated to get a life changing formula for 3 weeks.

Who is Chris Downing?

He has been a fitness fanatic since his days in high school and was a college basketball player as well. Chris was hit hard by a family member (Uncle) passing away and that is when he decided to help lives and become a personal trainer. Since then he has become a very professional and high quality super trainer.

Coach Downing has even opened a gym in a football town where he has training everything from sports teams to professional athletes. When it comes to overall experience with fitness, health, coaching and personal training he exceeds most all individuals.

What’s The Calendar and Schedule going to look like?

Week 1 – Starting out you will only be getting into 25 minute workouts that will enable you to get caught up on your body and zero down on the workout exercises. Getting right into the macros with the protein, fats, and carbohydrates

Week 2 – After the first week your body should be quickly adapting to the exercises. Now we start to rev it up with 35 minute routines. Macros change a bit bring the unhealthy carbs down and upping your veggies and protein intake.

Week 3 – Every starts to come together into one finely tuned machine. This weeks workouts are an all out intense routine that is sure to have you feeling the heat. This is the finale and will be filled with lots continued clean eating.

*Modifiers are of course through all weeks so you can go with your fitness level. Getting exhausted switch over to the modifier as well.

By the end you should have the results you are looking for. Faster, Stronger, Leaner and more full of energy. You will be able to take what you have learned in these 3 short weeks and build on it for the rest of your life.

What do you get with SHIFT SHOP?

  • 8 workouts that start a little slower and accelerate quickly
  • Jump Start Guide to help you get on track from day 1
  • Agility Markers
  • 3-Week Calendar
  • Simple Shift Nutrition Guide


How do I get Shift Shop and How Much Does It Cost?

You can either purchase just the Shift Shop Basic Kit (all contents above) for $59 or you can get the all access pass special for $99 which you can learn more about right here.