Time to get prepare!

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It’s scarfin’ occasion!

Thanks to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook a collect of gnarly recipes inspired by the unique culinary advantages of everyone’s favorite crime-fighting turtles you too can now get a flavor of what it’s like to live your worst life.

Okay, that’s a bit harsh. There are some delicious-sounding classics, but the book includes a few severely revolutionary recipes that clang as though they might not be intended for human consumption.

From pizzas to desserts, we cross-examine the 65 TMNT-inspired start-ups to find the worst of the worst, and without a doubt we’ve concluded the gnarliest pizza brew is none other than the very confusing Chocolate-Chili Pepper Pizza with Butternut Squash .


Now in case the thought of chocolate combined with peppers and butternut squash didn’t send you sprinting to cuddle your extra-large bottle of Tums, we’re here to instruct you on a few other ingredients.


Image: Haley Hamblin/ mashable

To make this pizza even more appetizing, the recipe calls for two tablespoons of smooth, natural PEANUT BUTTER, a handful of corn tortilla chippings, and a one-quarter goblet of SOUR CREAM. Help.

If that doesn’t entreaty, intrepid eaters can also try recipes like the Deep-Dish Goulash Pizza, the Total Tuna Meltdown, or Pepperoni and Sweet Pickle Pie. Good luck.

Deep-dish Goulash Pizza

Image: Haley Hamblin/ mashable

Despite these start-ups, the book isn’t all that fright. The writer, Peggy Paul Casella, is also the designer of ThursdayNightPizza.com , so she knows how to make a pretty good pie.

There are some rockin’ desserts too, including a sugared s’mores pizza, and the Old School section boasts traditionally bred recipes like pepperoni or four-cheese. And despite the refer, the snacks featured in the “Masked Mutations” section of the book too seem like a safe bet. We promise.

Four Cheese Pizza

Image: Haley Hamblin/ mashable

The book can be purchased on Amazon for about $20, so call up your Leonardos, Raphaels, Donatellos, and Michelangelos, and start prepare. Cowabunga!

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