Does Core De Force Get The MMA Results?

If you are thinking if you go through the Core De Force program and can jump into an Octagon and kick some butt you are heavily mistaken. But not to take anything away from this program as a lot of the training you do here would definitely help get you physically fit for a three 5 minute round battle. Sit back and check out our review.

There have been quite a few different workout programs that have been MMA related come out in the past that include: Rushfit, Tapout and UFC fit. These have both fit the bill both when it comes to getting a workout in and its popularity. Beachbody actually also came out with one called Les Mills Combat which I have heard many positive and also many negative reviews on although I have never performed the program myself.

So what is this program called Core De Force?

It is a program inspired by Mixed Martial Arts that runs a month long. So with only 30 days to get the job done you can probably guess that these workouts will be challenging at times. But this can be very deceiving since it was promoted as a one size fits all kind of program.

Some of the PROS:

  • No Equipment
  • All body-weight exercises
  • Total Body Workouts – Core Engaged majority of the time
  • Cardio is intense and burning
  • Low Impact

Who are the beachbody coaches for this program?

core de force coaches

Your coaches are Jericho McMathews and Joel Freeman which are newer to beachbody.

Joel has been a combat trainer for years while Jericho has been an international master trainer for many years.

They both have the full credentials that makes them legit.

Basic Overview

The videos are of course high quality as they have been for quite awhile with Beachbody they have really upped their game in the production department.

Its fast moving and the workouts do seem to fly by.

Music is pretty good and bearable which again probably comes from the quality of production. Older beachbody programs used to be a little annoying at times.

One thing I do like is that everything is choreographed what I mean by that is you are counting every time you punch you are going at your own pace. Which is good in that you can push yourself as hard as your body is willing to go.

Joel and Jericho work great with each other there are no gimmicks or clowning around which I love with programs. It is great to smile and have some one liners but it is a fine line between being funny and being annoying with workout routines.

First starting out will be a bit easier then the final two weeks where you are asked to do 2 workouts a day. Yes I said that correctly.

Joel and Jericho are ready to go and get you there from the start. So just press play and listen to their every word and follow what they do.

Key Points:

  • 10 Workouts in total everyone of them brings something different to the table
  • Workouts last from 27 minutes up to 47 total along with two 5 minute sessions.
  • Start at beginner and quickly work your way up to advances
  • MODIFIERS – Yes there are and I always find them helpful whether I am just fatigued or straight gassed from being out of shape
  • Variety of punches, kicks and other moves
  • Low impact – which I found surprising from what I saw in the promos
  • Format: 3 minute rounds which I have always loved these kind of workouts. Kind of like the original insanity only not repeating same workout over and over
  • Core is being engaged through most all the workouts so you get that ab workout

Core De Force Workout Schedule:

MMA SPEED – 26 Minutes


Really no gimmicks or surprises you are going to get to the core of throwing punches, kicks and knees. This is a non-impact workout just watch it with over extending your knees on the turn which I did a couple of times.

This could be the most boring workout routine of the program if you have done MMA workouts before.


5 Minute Core On The Floor

Well with a name like that it isn’t surprising when you are working your core out on the floor for the entirety of this 5 minute interval lol.

Don’t really focus too much on the abs but you hit up the entire core. There is a lot of planks and side lifts. No crunches on your toes for 5 minutes flies by and you are done. You can use this for bonus core workouts after you have completed the program as well.


Dynamic Strength – 47 Minutes

Average Calories Burned: 400+

12 X 3 minute rounds made up of pushups and squats. Along with some balance moves between all the squats/push-ups. Complete resistance training and great overall workout. They do add in a couple kicks and uppercut crunches but nothing else.

Dynamice Strength

Power Sculpt – 36 Minutes

Average Calories Burned: 400+

Low impact plyometric cardio workout where you get down on the floor and back up over and over. Definitely not your usual core workout but it is different and keeps you interested. This is a total of 9 rounds. Just be sure to not keep up if you can’t it may take a couple times around to get used to getting down and up so many times.

MMA Shred – 37 Minutes

Average Calories Burned: 420+

This is one of the truest MMA workouts you will get with the program. You are basically shadow boxing the entire time but in a funfilled and attention getting way. The coaches definitely get you amped up during the routine. You are going to be switching from knees, kicks, and punches.

MMA Power – 47 Minutes

Average Calories Burned: 500+

This is where you put your body to the test as well as moves get advanced, more intense, and fast paced. The extent of the combos gets very detailed and complex so pay attention and don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it the first time. 12 rounds total here.

MMA Plyo – 47 Minutes

Average Calories Burned: 500+

Most people when they see plyo immediately think jumping but this is not that way at all. That doesn’t mean you aren’t getting your sweat on because you definitely are. A lot of rotations and core moves. I have never seen so much diversity in core moves that keeps you engaged and interested.

Core De Force Relief – 5 minutes

Stretching that goes into mainly flexibility of the legs loosening them back up.

Active Recovery – 21 minutes

This goes much deeper then the Relief routine. This is basically prepping your body for the next week of butt kickings lol. Also continues to get you more flexible and mobile.

Core KineticsĀ  – 16 minutes

This is a bonus routine that is all made up of MMA themed moves. Relatively short for my liking.

Learn It

This is the section where they give you the foundation of learning the moves before you actually use the moves in the workout. This only helps with the complex moves.

Why should you give Core De Force A Chance?

If you are looking for a one stop shop for losing weight and getting fit this may be for you. But there are some if’s to that statement. If you have knee injuries or a lot of joint pain this may not be for you. I had some problems with one of my knees that have had hurt my ACL but having said that it always hurts.

Are you a person that is looking to lose weight quick and get bored easily with normal workouts then this may be for you. You will get toned and some knew definitely in all muscles following this routine. This will definitely light a fire if you are sick of going to the gym and getting on that treadmill.

If you are nervous that you are in shape enough to do this workout program there are the modifiers that I even use with almost all beachbody workouts especially the first couple weeks. So don’t be afraid to due that.

Core De Force Claendar


You will be provided with a printout of this calendar. But 30 days is all you need to make some leaps in fitness. Put this somewhere you can see it everyday to get that additional motivation to press play.

Core De Force Nutritional and Meal Plan

The base kit nutritional plan is a book full of menus and recipes with tips on how to get that fat burning. The deluxe is just like the 21 day fix with the containers and meal plan with that.

Either or is fine. Nutrition is a big issue since it is more important then the routine. So you need to get on something that is going to work for you. If you have done 21 day fix it works and is pretty simple while definitely leaving you full. My wife loves the 21 day fix where I like even more simplicity and choose a healthy carb / intermittent fasting nutritional plan. You can see details on my personal diet that I like because it is better for my lifestyle.

What’s in the Box?

  • 8 workouts w/ 2 bonus
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Calendar
  • Meal Plan (nutrition)
  • Online Support from Beachbody Community and Coaches
  • Last but not least a free T if you send in before and after pics

Core De Force Contents

Where can I purchase Core De Force?

  • You can get the best price at there official website here.
  • They also run challenge packs where you get shakeology at a heavily reduced price.
  • Cost is 19.95 for 3 monthly payments or one-time payment pulse 12.95 shipping.
  • Beachbody On Demand is also another option which you can check out here

Here are some before and after pics of test group for different days.

Final Summary

It is up to you. I don’t know anyone that has been through this routine and not had great results or good comments. If you are looking for a change from your traditional workout this is it. Good luck to you.

Joel and Jericho Congrats