In Depth Look At 21-Day Fix Extreme

Even if you have never heard of 21 Day Fix you are still going to love the Extreme version. Autumn Clabrese’s is your coach just as she was in the original version. This is definitely a good upgrade from the original one where things have been fine tuned.

Autumn does her best to keep things simple with both your diets and workout and she definitely exceeds in this department. She has a way of just getting right down to business with her programs that helps you leave your excuses at the door.

Simple does not mean easy however but anything worth doing is usually never easy but it can be fun. After all you are looking to get results in just 3 short weeks. Anybody can do anything for 3 weeks right?

Who is 21 Day Fix Extreme for?

If you are wicked out of shape and sit on a couch all day and can’t go without your potato chips then this program is probably not for you. I mean just because you have done the basic 21 Day program doesn’t mean you can’t do this one. But if you are on a couch all day it would probably be in your best interest to start with the original.

With that being said if you are ready to get down to business get your muscles sore and get a little variety in your workouts and dieting you need to be all in to get the job done with this workout program.

When you take a look at the calendar schedule you will see there is a lot of variety in the routines. You have an assortment that includes cardio, pilates, resistance training, and yoga. If you like running on a treadmill more then anything then this is probably again not for you.

This fitness program is for anyone that wants to lose weight, get toned, and train yourself to eat health at the same time. If you have under a month until summer or a planned event, vacation, etc..and need to get into shape in a hurry this is also for you. Even if you just want to change it up for a month because you are getting bored with your current workout then try this out you will not be disappointed.

What do you get when you purchase the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program?


  • 7 Extreme Workouts on 2 DVDs
  • 7 Color-Coded Portion Control Containers plus a plus a 25-oz Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • Start Here Guide
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME Eating Plan
  • Countdown to Competition Meal Plan
  1. 7 Workouts on 2 DVD’s

Yes you are doing 7 workouts a week for 21 days so you need to be committed to get this workout in. What happens if I miss a workout? Don’t freakout and don’t try to make up for that workout you missed on that day. Just continue on to the next one and mainly don’t let yourself get discouraged especially if you are following the diet you will see results as long as you get the majority of the workouts in. Also there is a double up program that is 14 workouts a week total. So lets say you know you are going to miss the next day then you can just double up on that day which works out well for most people.

List of workouts:

  • Piyo Fix Extreme: Get toned and add strength using your lower body for some free jumping and resistance training exercises.
  • Upper Fix Extreme: Hit up your chest, shoulder, back and arms using a variety of resistance exercises to get that definition going.
  • Pilates Fix Extreme: Get your exercise mat out along with some resistance bands to get an amazing burn.
  • Lower Fix Extreme: Hitting up the quads, hammies, buttocks and more doing some extreme lower.
  • Cardio Fix Extreme: Get that heart up and burning that fat using some weights and aerobics.
  • Yoga Fix Exteme: Get your flexibility on with this jampacked yoga routine that will give you a full body reset and give your balance a challenge.
  • Dirty 30 Extreme: Autumn’s dirty secret lol…these 7 moves with do some great things to get your body sculpted.

Autumn Calabrese does a great job narrating and showing the workouts. She helps you get through the moves even if you are not the most mobile and flexible. Make sure you use MODIFIERS when needed I know I did.

2. Seven Color Coded Portion Control Containers and a Shakeology Shaker Cup


Although food is not included you do have lots and lots of recipes along with these easy to follow containers. Also you can find lots of extra portion control containers these days at walmart and amazon to help so you are washing all the time. This especially helps if you and a spouse or friend are using the same package.

  • Green container: Veggies – 8 oz
  • Purple Container: Fruit – 8 oz
  • Red Container: Meats/Protein – 6 oz
  • Yellow Container: Carbohydrates – 5.3 oz
  • Blue Container: Healthy fats (olive oil, etc)– 2.7 oz
  • 2 Orange Containers: Seeds and dressings – 2 oz

3. Quick Start Guide

Make sure you read this guide to help you get and stay on track. Even if you are experienced read this it will make things much easier to get you the best and fastest results.

4. Eating and Meal Plan

2 main eating plans that is the standard which you should follow the first time around. If you are in a competition or just need a little extra to get really ripped there is Autumn’s personal favorite competition plan that she uses.


How long are the 21 Day Fitness Extreme workouts?

30 Minutes long – you are definitely taking serious action the entire time.

You said everything is simple so are the workouts simple?

Moves of the exercise moves are long and the rests are short so you are getting the most out of the 30 minutes. You only really need 3 things to get started today and that is shoes, mat and bands.

What about this so called simple diet as well?

No there are no cheat days first off. However if you do go off the diet for a meal don’t let it ruin your entire 21 day commitment. Get right back on it. You will not go hungry on this diet by any means. So if you are committed this diet is easy to follow. You can prep your meals pretty easilly and most people make them up the night before. As I previously stated you can get extra portion controls containers at Walmart or Amazon here. This made it much easier for me. Or you can just use the ones provided and you put them in your own container for the day.

So what is it going to cost me?

  • Well you have several option the Challenge Pack Option (Includes shakeology at a heavy discount)
  • Save here at official
  • Also check prices on Amazon but I personally purchased a beachbody program from there before and never will again because you don’t get the added benefits of free coaching support and of course if you ever get Beachbody On Demand (ultimate tool for anyone) it won’t be in your on demand account under the purchased Tab.
  • Resistance Bands – usually around 14-40 bucks depending on what you get here is a great option on Amazon that we get due to its durability
  • Exercise Mat – again you can get these around 20 bucks at Walmart even or you can go to Amazon as well which we use these one here

TOTAL INVESTMENT: Around 100-200 depending on which route you decide to go.

21 Day Fix Extreme Consumer Reviews:

We have had great reviews from our coaching group with great results however many say it can be a demanding 3 weeks.



Efficiency is key: Autumn doesn’t waste any of your time so you can target all parts of your body.

Learn how to Portion: You learn good eating habits not how to starve yourself. Portion control is a huge probably especially in the U.S.

Easy Meal Plans: Just follow the simple 6 meal a day plan. The shakes make it that much easier as well.

Modification: Modify, Modify, Modify when needed. It is always there so you can keep moving and keep burning calories to reach your goal no matter what.

Money Back Guarantee: You can go wrong if you try it for 21 days and don’t think it lived up to the hype return it free of charge. That means you can go through the entire workout and get your money back if it doesn’t get you the results.


Demanding: As we mentioned above this was really the only complaint honestly. It is complex but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to stick to. That is why free coaching and support is there for you.

Short term: It is a short term fix. It will teach you good habits but it is your job to continue these after the program and you can always do another round to get back on track.

How Can I Buy Today?

Well if you are all in and ready to get your fitness on track you can go to the Saving Page Here or Check it out on Amazon HERE

UPDATE: There is also a limited time offer going on that includes 4 free gifts on top of everything else in the package CLICK HERE to check that out.

As always email us any questions we are always here for support. Overall we believe in this program and its results which is why we have provided some before and afters below for extra motivation. Just take it one day at a time. Thanks for reading and live a long and healthy life it is never to late to start today.